An Introduction

Jewish Roots. Hebrew Roots. What do these terms mean to you? To some, they represent the misguided attempt of modern Christians to return to the lifestyle of the primitive Church. To others, they represent a resurgence of the heretical Judaizers, those individuals who in Paul’s day were attempting to require Gentile believers in Jesus to fully convert to Judaism. To others still, they simply don’t mean anything.

My purpose for this blog is simple: to study the New Testament writings as a product of the culture that produced them – 1st century, 2nd temple Judaism. It is not a call for Gentile Christians to convert to Judaism or otherwise behave like Jews. It is, however, a call for all Christians to understand that the framework, concepts, and language behind the gospels, epistles, and other apostolic writings are fundamentally Jewish and Hebrew.

If we want to dig deep into the New Testament, we have to do business with its Jewishness. There’s simply no way around it.


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