Interview with Jason Mahler Part 2

View part one of this interview. Jason Mahler is the producer of The Dust Cast, a podcast dedicated to discussing the ancient Hebraic context of scripture. Jason was kind enough to answer a few questions that relate to topics discussed on this blog. The Dust Cast is a great resource for discussing the necessity of […]

The Bible in its High Context Setting

One fundamental aspect of biblical exegesis and interpretation that needs to be remembered is that the Bible is the product of high context Semitic cultures. What this means is that the Bible was produced by people who shared common cultural assumptions and tended to not explain or go into detail about shared cultural, ideological, and […]

N.T. Wright on Paul’s Theology

N.T. Wright, New Testament scholar, presents an hour-long lecture on Paul and Christian theology. What Wright demonstrates is that Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, is charged with presenting Jewish theology and theological concepts, to believers in Jesus as the Messiah who have no tradition, education, or history with the Jewish people. How do you […]