Marvin Wilson on Scripture vs Theology

Marvin Wilson, in Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage, shares some profound insight into the distinction between scripture and theology and why theological pursuits must remain firmly grounded in the text, and the text must remain firmly grounded in its historical and grammatical context:

Scripture is divine revelation, uniquely inspired by God’s spirit. As the Word of God, it is fully trustworthy and dependable in matters of faith and practice. Theology, however, is different. It is the product of human reflection upon Scripture, not Scripture itself. This is an important distinction. Theology is is exceedingly valuable, but not a perfect science. Sometimes imprecise and incomplete, theology is the formulation of fallible human beings. On occasion, theologians are driven by personal agendas. Therefore what theologians discuss and write is always susceptible to error and revision. Such is rarely intentional; rather, it is part of being human, lacking experience, or sometimes lacking appropriate checks and balances. Indeed, there may be a difference, from time to time, between what the Bible says (Scripture itself) and what the reader/interpreter thinks it means (theology). What God says is infallible. Human understanding of that Word may lack precision, show bias, or be something quite different from what the original author may have had in mind. 1 Exploring our Hebraic Heritage, p. 6-7

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1. Exploring our Hebraic Heritage, p. 6-7

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